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But For God

“Let me share some truth that I hope you will let sink into your soul:
Your life is not a clay pot that, once fired in the kiln, cannot be made right.
You are a daughter of the living God, the Master Potter who
breathes life into clay and makes it beautiful.”
—Debra Evans in But for God

bfg-coverWhen the once-upon-a-time of little-girl dreams gives way to “real life ever after,” where do you turn? How do you learn to trust again when every security you’ve clung to has been ripped away . . . when your own mistakes have derailed you as much as life’s circumstances . . . when your picture-perfect dreams have been shattered like broken windowpanes? Debra Evans knows. And she shares the way out of the faded fairy tale for every woman in this inspirational book.

While this is her never-before-told story of how God lifted her from the ashes of poverty, abuse, and abandonment to become an international speaker and Bible teacher, it is also much more. Debra has been permanently transformed by the unfailing power of God’s Word. Wanting to spark your own spiritual renewal—and point you to a Hope you’ve perhaps never dreamed of—Debra has included special elements in this book that will help you personalize Scripture for yourself. She also speaks words of healing and encouragement from her heart to yours so that you may step out in faith into the arms of the One who can fulfill your deepest dreams.

But for God, your past could not be redeemed; your present would contain no hope; and your future could not be sure. But because of God, a better ending awaits, offered by a Deliverer who is faithful to take your anger, self-destruction, confusion, and brokenness--and turn them into His calling, His healing, His purpose.

Your heavenly Father has sent His Son, the Prince of Peace, to rescue you and rewrite your story.
He has a uniquely special Dream for you, and He stands ready to make it come true, starting now, right where you are.


debra2DEBRA EVANS has helped thousands of listeners experience God’s gifts of mercy, healing, grace, and truth through frequent appearances on radio, television and Internet outlets, and in churches worldwide. She and her husband, Rick, have established Living In Faith (www.livinginfaith.com), a multifaceted ministry that guides people from darkness into victory through the Word of God and His healing power.



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