Everybody Wants To Be Blessed

Everybody wants to be “Blessed”. We use this word often and yet many of us can not define what it means. In the Christian sense it means “The impartation of the supernatural Power of God to a human life by the spoken Word of God’s delegated authority”. If we are going to live the life God promised, then we have to understand His meaning, as His children.


Read Matt 5:8-16


In verse 8 (Blessed are the pure in heart) we must lift up God, not only with hands, but with a pure heart. That means we have to have an honest heart that is pure in opposition to defilement. When we do this we will see God, we will enjoy Him, we will be like Him, and we will be content in that likeness


In verse 9 (Blessed are the peacemakers) we see that God’s wisdom must first be pure and then peaceable. We can easily tell if that is true because we will be peaceable toward God, others, and ourselves. We will have a clean conscience and be absent from any offense with God, others, and ourselves, and we will be able to maintain that Peace, even in the face of the opposition that life can so easily present, with God, others, and ourselves. One thing is true in this verse; if it is broken with God, others, or ourselves, then we MUST repair it.


In verse 10 (Blessed are they that are persecuted for His Name Sake) it is clear that this is not about being persecuted for our own choices but for Christ sake (or His purpose). If we are enemies to His righteousness, then how can we be a friend to God?  When we suffer because we are His children and under His care, then we have the power of Grace and His presence to overcome anything in our life.


In verse 11 (Blessed are those who lie about you and use those lies to persecute you and do evil things against you (for Christ sake))

I have learned in my life that I will be persecuted, pursued, run down, and sought out to be destroyed. I will be abandoned,   called bad names, talked about behind my back, laughed at, made Fun of, and left out of the inside circles. I say, in Christ, so what! I am not looking fro acceptance from this world and so their insults and rejection will have no affect on me, my life, or my destiny.


In Verse 12, 13, 14, 15, ad 16 are the promises we have, if we can understand God’s “Blessing’s” in these first few verses.

a.    Eternity with The Lord

b.    Everything we need in this life

c.    A light shining so that others can see God in us

d.    Strength to endure to the end

e.    The ability to see and hear God

f.     The “Comforter” (God’s Spirit) in our moments of distress which will always
       overwhelm the enemy.

We are Blessed because we are His Children. We are His Children when we are in His Grace. We are in His Grace when we are obedient to His Word. Our actions will show the world our resolve, in that obedience, through our own life of Faith


Don't let your past determine your future. If you want to be “Blessed” the give God the rest of your life and watch what He can do with the little you have left.


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